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With literally hundreds of litter boxes available for your cat, selecting the most appropriate product can be confusing. Since we sell many cat litter boxes in our store, it is our hope that we can help give you some tips that will make choosing a litter box that will best match your cat's needs and your lifestyle.

Basic Litter Pans

Basic litter pans for your cat offer affordability in a litter box and are ideal for pet owners that plan to clean the litter box daily. Using clumping (scoopable) cat litter, a litter pan can be ideal for both the cat and pet owner. However, between cleanings, odor from the litter box can develop rather quickly. And since there is no hood to cover a litter pan, the cat litter may find its way around the area as a cat leaves the pan.

Covered Litter Boxes

Covered litter boxes are typically just a litter pan with a hood or cover. The cover does help contain any litter box odor and many covered litter boxes do utilize a carbon insert at the top that assists in this goal. Additionally, the cat is forced to enter and exit from one area. This does help contain any cat litter debris to one location. When purchasing a covered litter box, please take into consideration any disposable carbon inserts that must be replaced. If these inserts are not replaced regularly, they most likely will become an annoying odor source.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

When it comes to ease of use, an automatic cat litter box can be ideal for pet owners that live an active lifestyle. And for cats, these litter boxes mean that each time they go to use the litter box it is fresh. When purchasing a self cleaning litter box, please consider that most use disposal receptacles that must be replaced with each litter change. Most disposal receptacles will need to be changed once per week for an average size cat. For pet owners that have multiple cats, an automatic litter box should also be used in conjunction with an additional litter box. Most rake cycles occur within five minutes of a cat exiting the litter box and an electronic eye is what determines when that countdown is to begin.

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