Our privacy policy is designed to outline the data we collect and how this data is used. Since third parties are involved with our web presence, as well as our advertisers, it is recommended that you read our privacy policy thoroughly.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

As you will find with most websites, we do collect basic un identifying data such as your IP address, what web browser you use, how you entered our website and other information related to traffic analysis. None of this information can be used to personally identify you. At most, with this information alone, it can be used to generalize what city you accessed our website from.

We do have a contact form on our website. When contacting us, any information you supply in the form shall be shared with us voluntarily. In addition to the information you provide, we do log the IP address of the submitter. This is required for our anti-spam measures.

Third Party Data Collection

Third parties, which we use in connection with our website, may also collect data. Our hosting company, Host Gator, may have its own traffic and access logs to monitor their network. Google Adsense, which is our primary advertiser, does collect traffic analysis data. Google Adsense may also use web beacons and other technologies which allows them to better deliver targeted advertisements to our visitors. Google Analytics, which is our primary traffic analysis solution, also collects data regarding traffic analysis data as previously noted. Questions regarding the privacy policies of third parties is best answered by those companies.

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Privacy Policy